Frequently Asked Questions

What is MeetingShot?

MeetingShot is a faux meeting screenshot generator designed to help those suffering from FOMMO - Fear of Missing Meetings Online.

Is this a real meeting? Does this use Zoom/Teams/Google Meet, etc?

No, it's just a fun app to create an image of a fictitious meeting.

Why doesn't this work on mobile?

This is the first prototype of the project, so we didn't focus on the mobile experience yet. As we get more free time, we'll get to that as well.

Can I actually schedule a meeting with the folks listed in the image selector?

No. At least not through MeetingShot, it's just a fake screenshot generator.

Can I style this to look like my favorite video calling app?

The current version only supports Zoom. We'd love contributiosn to the project as it is open source on GitHub .

Are my custom or webcam images uploaded anywhere?

No. Everything that you see is rendered directly in your browser. We do not store, analyze or send your images anywhere. We are using html2canvas to generate the final image and that's also done directly in your browser and not on some remote server.